The Walrus Enclosure

Howard Howe: The walrus is far more evolved than any man I've ever known. Present company included.
- Tusk

The Fat Walrus pub (44 Lewisham Way) has built one of the wonders of Greater Brockley. A winter palace to make Peter the Great weep with envy.

Bomull Press Christmas Cards

Myah writes:

We are Bomull Press based in Brockley.

We have some cards and posters all designed here in our studio and riso-printed in Hato press in Hackney. Last year we produced some Christmas cards for all Brockley and broccoli loving people.

We’d like to offer the readers of Brockley Central 30% discount when they purchase any items in our web shop.

Use code : CHRISTMAS when you checkout.

Lewisham makes baby Jesus cry

The Crofton Park Christmas tree has been swaddled in traffic management barriers, much to the chagrin of local residents on Twitter. Trees in Ladywell and Catford are reportedly even more silly looking.

Lewisham Council: If you have so little faith in your citizens that you don't credit them with sufficient Christmas spirit to avoid violating a conifer or sense enough not to crash into one, then just don't bother.

As a society, we either need to take a leap of faith and trust that the trees will be fine without plastic protection or we need the creativity to find another way to bring festive joy to our streets.

As Dave reminded me on Twitter, in 2015 a Lewisham Christmas Tree was branded the UK's saddest.

Via Facebook, Emma has shared this tragic Christmas scene from Ladywell.

Ladies and Gentlemen: We got him

Able was Howard ere he saw Brockley. We have accomplished what Jeremy Paxman never could. We have taken down the kingpin. The Mail reports:

Former Tory leader Michael Howard has been convicted of failing to say who was driving his car when it was caught by a speed camera [on Lewisham Way].

Lord Howard, 75, and his wife Sandra, 76, both claimed either could have been driving their Toyota Prius, which was clocked at 37.3 mph in a 30mph zone.

The former Home Secretary was fined £900, with £625 costs, plus a £90 victim surcharge and received six penalty points on his driving licence.

Thank you to Monkeyboy and Joe (not a double-act) who sent me the link.

In the South

Good Hope Ladywell - Opening December 8

The charity, For Jimmy, set up after the murder of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen, is opening a new Good Hope café at PLACE Ladywell in Lewisham; six years after opening Good Hope Hither Green.

The new café will continue to support the work of For Jimmy, with 10p from every £1 going towards helping young people build Safe Havens across Lewisham. These are places young people can turn to when in danger or feeling threatened on the street. Both Good Hope cafés are flagship Safe Havens, alongside Lewisham Shopping Centre and many other businesses across the borough.

The charity will be running the café and a community cinema that is based at the rear of the unit. Lewisham central has been without a cinema since the last one closed on Lewisham High Street in 1986. The 40 seater cinema is a welcome addition to the local community, and will also double up as an event space for use by community groups and organisations.

For Jimmy also partner with Drumbeat School and ASD Services to provide personalised placements for young people with Autism, enabling them to experience the workplace and acquire a range of essential skills. The café offers a fantastic new environment for those young people to experience and work within.

An official opening party is being held on 8th December, for the local community to see the space and find out more about how it will support For Jimmy moving into 2017. The launch will run from 6-8pm, alongside the grand opening of PLACE / Ladywell.

Margaret Mizen, MBE, mother of Jimmy, said: “We are very excited to have opened another Good Hope café and can’t wait for the community to make use of the cinema and event space. When we opened the first Good Hope in Hither Green in 2010, we could never have imagined how fast the charity would grow and just how many young people would hear Jimmy’s story. The profits will continue to support our work building Safe Havens across Lewisham and spreading Jimmy’s legacy of peace across the UK.”

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